About Us

30 years of continuous innovation provides our team with unrivalled experience and expertise


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Founded in 1987, Kalahari was the first provider of real-time pricing and analytics software and we have been supporting leading global financial services institutions ever since.

Our team comprises financial markets experts, quantitative analysts and innovative software developers who understand the dynamics and nuances of the financial markets we serve.  We work closely with our clients to continually refine our analytic models to ensure our pricing methodologies incorporate any new market developments and the technology platform is fully supported by our in-house team, to deliver a pricing engine you can depend on.

Accurate data is a shared passion across our team and it is through a combination of our skills and experience that Kalahari has built its market leading pricing and calculation engine.    

What our clients say about us

"A key consideration in choosing Kalahari is the robustness and flexibility of the product. We felt confident that coupling a proven calculation engine with the experience of the Kalahari team offered us a winning combination of control, flexibility, innovation. With Kalahari, we can provide real-time streaming data that enables investors to respond faster to changes in markets worldwide"
"The implementation of the Kalahari system has enabled us to distribute sophisticated analytic methodologies throughout the enterprise and to our online trading portal thus eliminating previous pricing anomalies and ensuring consistency of pricing "
A Major European Bank