Kalahari's solutions all sit on a common software platform, our Real-Time Calculation Engine. This consumes market data from a variety of sources and executes a calculation model to produce high value derived data for use by automated systems and traders alike.

Calculation Engine

The engine has a reactive, event-driven architecture, scheduling calculations to be performed as data arrives.

The model describes a complex set of dependencies between calculations and is itself dynamic, allowing the structure to adapt in real-time based on changing data and user interaction. Backpressure and conflation are handled automatically, ensuring that the engine makes optimal use of the available computing and network resources.

Kalahari's Modelling Studio enables us to quickly enhance and extend the calculation model, with both in-house and 3rd party analytics ensuring that calculation methodologies always reflect current market practice, with a solid theoretical foundation.



External connectivity is provided by a range of standard market data adapters, for both subscription and publishing.

In addition, connectivity is available into Excel and via an API allowing direct access to the running calculation model. New adapters can be created for integration into a customer's environment as required.

A comprehensive set of market data links are provided for our FX and Money Market models, allowing them to be configured for the data available on a customer's site. The engine itself is asset-class agnostic and so new links can easily be created to cover additional instruments or sources.


Our sophisticated data aggregation module ensures the quality of inbound data therefore ensuring accurate consistent pricing.

  • 15 Separate sources per currency/asset can be aggregated (more if necessary)
  • Aggregation can be applied on a per Tenor basis or Source basis
  • Live dealing prices can be used as a reference or override
  • Weightings can be applied to individual sources
  • Start & end times can be set for individual sources
  • Ability to take sources from multiple Market Date vendors
  • Comparison of calculated theoretical prices against market prices
  • Ability to blend calculated theoretical prices with live prices



Our data publishing module allows rate control and differentiated contribution to multiple targets.

  • Multiple publishing targets supported
  • Ability to skew and spread individual targets as groups or individual tenors
  • Curve publishable to Middle Office system


Client-server connectivity allows a calculation model to be partitioned for a typical dealing room scenario, with common calculations running on a central server and user-specific calculations on each trader's desktop.

A flexible user interface allows the model to be presented and adapted to the needs of the traders using it, while comprehensive publishing capabilities allow derived data to be easily consumed by automated downstream systems.

The calculation engine can be run on-premise on a customer's site and integrated directly with their market data infrastructure. Alternatively Kalahari can provide hosting services, for delivery of derived data via a web browser, or through a VPN.

What our clients say about us

"A key consideration in choosing Kalahari is the robustness and flexibility of the product. We felt confident that coupling a proven calculation engine with the experience of the Kalahari team offered us a winning combination of control, flexibility, innovation. With Kalahari, we can provide real-time streaming data that enables investors to respond faster to changes in markets worldwide"
"The implementation of the Kalahari system has enabled us to distribute sophisticated analytic methodologies throughout the enterprise and to our online trading portal thus eliminating previous pricing anomalies and ensuring consistency of pricing "
A Major European Bank