kACE2 - Next generation analytics platform.


High frequency, low latency FX pricing and publishing covering Spots, Forwards, NDF’s, Outrights and FX swaps.

kACE2 Treasury

Reduce costs by integrating your FX and MM pricing systems. kACE² Treasury gives your front, middle and back office a fully integrated, sophisticated analytical solution.

kACE2 Rate Manager

See the real market by utilising all your data sources. kACE² Rate Manager will aggregate any number of data sources, apply sophisticated rule definitions and filtering services to ensure all market data is clean and usable.

kACE2 Modeling Studio

Market data is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. Trading, asset management, research and lending are among the many functions that require up-to-date, accurate market data.
For informed decisions, effective risk management and regulatory compliance, today’s institutions need continual access to high quality real-time market data on a global scale.

kACE2 Indices

Stay ahead and provide the innovative products your customers demand. kACE² Indices is a high performance real-time product able to calculate all your indices with sub second latency.